Youri Benadjaoud

Research Assistant

Youri Benadjaoud headshot

Youri is pursuing a Master of Public Health degree at Brown University, concentrating in global health. Youri is chiefly working on the Central Providence Opportunities project, where he works with Attiyya Houston and Paul Xu on producing key metrics that inform this place-based evaluation to improve economic mobility for residents in the nine neighborhoods located in the 02908 and 02909 ZIP codes.

His research interests include global health policy, international organizations, and developing infrastructure to promote access to care. He received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Human Physiology from the University of Oregon.

Born in France and the son of Algerian and German parents, Youri considers himself a global citizen. He holds strong ambitions to address complex issues on an international scale while acknowledging that work in one’s local community is the most influential manner to promote immediate change. When not contemplating the solutions to global issues, he enjoys rewatching James Bond movies- the Daniel Craig versions.

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