How can we help small and minority-owned businesses recover from COVID-19?

On July 22, 2020, we hosted our first virtual event: How can we help small and minority-owned businesses recover from COVID-19.

Oscar Mejias, Matt Sheaff, and Lisa Ranglin
Oscar Mejias (from left), Matt Sheaff, and Lisa Ranglin

We were truly grateful to have the insights and advice of the following outstanding panelists:

  • Oscar Mejias, CEO - Rhode Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Lisa Ranglin, President - Rhode Island Black Business Association
  • Matt Sheaff, Director of Stakeholder Engagement and Chief Marketing Officer - Rhode Island Commerce

The conversation focused on how small and minority-owned businesses in Rhode Island have been affected by COVID-19, how they've adapted to new public health regulations and requirements, and how Rhode Island leaders are responding to the unique needs of these businesses as we move to re-open our economy.

To learn more, watch the full event recording below or click here.

How to cite this Reflection: Crawley K. (2020, July 22). How can we help small and minority-owned businesses recover from COVID-19?. The Policy Lab.

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