How do we optimize COVID-19 testing across our communities?

If you can’t tell from our projects page, we’ve been pretty focused on COVID-19 here at The Policy Lab.

The Policy Lab team members, clockwise from top left, David Yokum, Kevin Wilson, Nat Rabb, and Attiyya Houston.

On December 8, 2020, we held a virtual event to showcase our partnership with policymakers at the State of Rhode Island and our work supporting the design and analytics of Rhode Island's statewide COVID-19 testing program. These efforts improved the quality and speed of information generated to inform decisions about how to safely reopen our communities and the economy.

The event featured presentations on:

  • Using design to optimize the COVID-19 testing customer experience
  • Ongoing surveys to understand and monitor beliefs about COVID-19
  • Predictive modeling, automation, and maintenance of COVID-19 dashboards
  • The benefits of cross-sector collaboration

A special thanks to Megan Swindal for joining us to share the RIDOH perspective and Jonah Popp for showcasing the intricacies of the modeling work!

Check out the event recording below or click here to learn more.

How to cite this Reflection: Crawley K. (2020, December 19). How do we optimize COVID-19 testing across our communities?. The Policy Lab.

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