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We’re at the center of Rhode Island’s infrastructure for evidence-based policymaking.

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Why We’re Here

The Policy Lab brings together experts from government, universities, and community organizations to collaborate on research tailored to inform decisions about how to improve policies and programs across the state.

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Is Happiness in Your Wallet?

Michael Norton, Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Join the co-author of Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending for a conversation about how people can use their money in happier ways - whether they have a little or a lot of it.

When Does Advertising Become Manipulation?

Mark Bartholomew, Professor of Law, University at Buffalo School of Law


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Join the author of Adcreep: The Case Against Modern Marketing for a discussion on the state of the art of advertising technology and what consumers can do to protect themselves against increasingly invasive forms of market research.

"Applied research can be remarkably difficult, as theories often fail to work in practice. We need scientists shoulder-to-shoulder with practitioners in those moments, co-designing fresh ideas and iteratively experimenting to optimize solutions. The Policy Lab is a place and group of people dedicated to this work. Think NASA or Bell Labs, but for public policy."

David Yokum, Director

Theory of Change

It is common nowadays to agree that policy should be evidence-based. But how to deliver on that rhetoric in practice is harder. We need not only the highest quality scientific methods, but also a pragmatic mindset geared toward designing learning agendas that can concretely inform decision-making within the bureaucratic and political trenches.

We look to improve policy outcomes through three interconnected areas:

Generating evidence to fill knowledge gaps

Integrating that evidence into planning, budget, procurement, and performance management processes

Building coalitions across government, universities, and community organizations to support evidence-based policy

While many approaches to this work focus on one or two areas at a time, building a culture of evidence-based policymaking requires us to pursue all three simultaneously. We need a substantial amount of stakeholder engagement throughout the entire research process — from carefully listening to and observing what questions most need answering, to helping partners troubleshoot any unanticipated implementation issues based on the generated answers.

The partnership is also a vehicle for increasing staff training and capacity by way of onsite trainings and courses, fellowships, speaker and event series, curating a statewide integrated data system, and other activities to foster a community of practice around the work.

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Sign up to get updates on projects, events, and our upcoming podcast, 30,000 Leagues