Nat Rabb

Project Manager

Nat Rabb is a Project Manager at The Policy Lab, where he supports design and implementation of behavioral studies, data analysis, and preparation of research communications to disseminate findings.

Before joining the lab, he coordinated a range of experiments in judgment and decision making, memory, and metacognition at Brown University (Sloman Lab), Boston College (Arts & Mind Lab), and Tufts University (Cognitive Aging and Memory Lab). He has published empirical and theoretical work in Psychological Science, Cognition, Trends in Cognitive Sciences, Behavioural Public Policy (forthcoming), and Behavioral and Brain Sciences, among others. He also led the psychology team in a multidisciplinary analysis of the problems and prospects for evidence-based policy conducted by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.

Nat holds a BA in Psychology and Philosophy from Brown. When not perseverating on the nature of collective knowledge, he likes to program synthesizers with his kids.

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