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The Making of Dashboard - Part 4: Refinements and Stakeholder Feedback

In the previous post we discussed general design patterns that put Vue and d3 together. This post will focus on how we improved the UI/UX design of the first prototype (shown above) according to the feedback from the UWRI team and the rest of The Policy Lab team. We will also discuss the improvements that made the site faster and more responsive.

The Making of Dashboard - Part 3: Rendering the Visualizations

In this post, we will cover the details in creating the data visualizations used in the United Way Rhode Island 211 Dashboard to reveal patterns in 211 calls. The previous post described in detail the overall architecture of the app and how data is persisted as state in the Vue app. This post focuses more on the gotchas using d3.js to create interactive data visualizations.

The Making of Dashboard - Part 2: Building the Skeleton of the App

In the previous post, we covered the background and the decisions on the tech stack used for the United Way Rhode Island 211 dashboard. This post will describe how we used Vue.js to build the architecture of the dashboard based on the design of Ben Guhin Delphine in the featured image above.

The Making of Dashboard - Part 1: Decisions on the Tech Stack

This is the first of a series of technical blog posts that document how The Policy Lab at Brown University built an interactive data dashboard with United Way of Rhode Island to support analytics and decision-making with COVID-related 211 call data. This post will cover the background of this project and the decisions The Policy Lab team made on the tech stack. Please use the following link to jump to the rest of the story.


The last quarter of 2020 brought a schedule full of presentations! We were grateful to share what we’ve been learning with national audiences. Here’s a sample of what we’ve been Zooming-in on.

How do we optimize COVID-19 testing across our communities?

If you can’t tell from our projects page, we’ve been pretty focused on COVID-19 here at The Policy Lab.

How can we increase the resilience of coastal infrastructure?

Taking a break from COVID-19 programming, on November 17, 2020, we were honored to welcome Dr. Austin Becker, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Programs in the Department of Marine Affairs at the University of Rhode Island, to the event series!

How can we help small and minority-owned businesses recover from COVID-19?

On July 22, 2020, we hosted our first virtual event: How can we help small and minority-owned businesses recover from COVID-19.

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